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Is a management trainee position a good job at rental car places? ?

that require a bachelor degree and suchIs a management trainee position a good job at rental car places? ?

Will you have to move to be promoted? How does that sound?

Can you turn down promotions? Turnover?

You'll learn to run a business, hire and manage your own team and gain business training that helps you succeed anywhere. Enterprise promotes from within, so our trainee program is the fast track to a great management career. Trainees typically receive one or more promotions within their first year and many double their salaries upon becoming branch managers. Branch manager perks also include commissions and company car privileges. Our promote-from-within policy also helps growth in other departments, such as Loss Control, HR, Recruiting, Marketing and Accounting.

Is a management trainee position a good job at rental car places? ?
If you have no other options then yes. For me I would consider this as a transition job unless the management pay was excellent. Income and position are relative to your situation.

Ask yourself this... did you go to college for 4 years to manage a retail rental store?

Also... how will the rental car business do with the depression that is coming in 2009? If business and travel contracts.. how will it affect the rental car industry?
maybe if your premoted if your good

Should I pay for the parking ticket from a rental car in long beach, CA?

If you broke the law you should pay the penalty.Should I pay for the parking ticket from a rental car in long beach, CA?
Even if you do not pay it, the rental company will sue or demand for payment later after they pay it. In either case, you are just prolonging the agony.

I know you are thinking that because the car is NOT in your name that you are not liable. BUT, hey you signed a rental contract! What do you think about those voluminous small prints contain? Not only that you are prolonging the agony, you are also sticking it to yourself with more charges later. The rental company has a LOT of personal info on you already - where you live, your driver license, your credit card number, etc.

Be sensible and responsible. Unless, you can prove otherwise that the ticket was in error. Even then, you must pay first, then get a refund later. Else, you will be accruing a lot of the so-called other charges. READ the fine print for these charges. It is scary.

Worse, if you do not pay the rental company you may be liable for late charges and eventually a possible ding in your credit report.Should I pay for the parking ticket from a rental car in long beach, CA?
kind of surprised you even asked the question. Why would you not pay for something you did?
Would be a good idea!!!
Yes. If you don't, they can track you down from the rental car agency. If you don't, you may have a hard time getting a rental car in the future. They may also be able to deduct it from your deposit since they don't want to pay your ticket.
I would. They will probably trace it back to you anyway since it would be easy to tell who had that car on the date the ticket was issued.

By the time the rental car company traces the rental car back to you and writes to you about the ticket, the fees will have fines associated with it.

It might be in your contract that they can bill you for the ticket so if you pay it now then you can save yourself about 20 more bucks.

(this would just be my guess, I have NO first hand knowledge either way)
If you deserve it, then yes. Take god damn responsibility for your actions.
yes unless you want to contest the ticket..
Yes. You will end up paying for it either way because the rental company will have your credit card info on file. I would be willing to bet that they will add some sort of surcharge to the intial fine.

pay now and save late.
If its your parking ticket then yes.
Yes. The rental company will get the bill for the ticket, since the police know they own the car. The company will forward it to you, anyway. I know - it happened to me.
The car Rental Company will bill your credit card with a fee and it will be expensive
Yes I believe you should. If you did do something unlawful it is only right that you do get a ticket. No matter if it is a rental car or not.

Rental Car for a 16 year old?

If my dad were to rent a car, would it be legal for me, (his 16 year old daughter) to drive it? Or do i have to be 18?Rental Car for a 16 year old?
Only if the rental company will allow you to be listed on the contract as an authorized driver. However, most rental companies will not allow a 16 year old to be listed. The few that do - may require you to take out the Loss Damage Waiver that costs 16-20 per day.

You will have to ask the rental company.Rental Car for a 16 year old?
You have to be 25 years old just to even be able to drive a rental car. I don't think you need to be 25 to be able to rent a car because I've rented cars before I turned 25 but I do remember that we had to be 25 years old to legally drive it. My husband (boyfriend at the time) also rented a car before he turned 25 but I had to sign that I was going to be the only one driving the car because I was over 25. This was in California and in Hawaii. Don't know about other states though.

But at 16, I highly doubt you could legally drive a rental car in any state.
No, it would not be legal. The only person allowed to drive a rental car is the person who rented it. I believe that you can add other drivers, but for an additional charge. But I'm pretty sure you have to be 18 in order to drive them.
Depending on the reason for the rental, and the company you go through will make a difference. I know that Enterprise will rent to people under 21, but there is a surcharge and it is only for insurance reasons. good luck.
To drive a rental car they require you to be 21. If they insured it the insurance will not cover you. If dad has you on his insurance you are covered for the family car not the rental.
Not going to happen. You have to be at least 21 to drive a rental car, with some companies the age is 25.
No, you must be 22 to rent or use a rental vehicle
Nope, can't do it

What's the best way for a family to travel in Europe - by rail or rental car? We only have two weeks.?

For many people the decision becomes a financial one. In Europe, especially now, the price of gas is extremely high. That, coupled with the very high tolls on major highways (e.g., France) you might find the group fare offers of the German rail system (Deutsche Bahn) to be worth considering.

Add to that the cost of parking a car in the city center (sometimes as much as $17 for a few hours) to be an added pinch to the wallet.

The train system is efficient, the trains are clean, no hoodlums on the trains, monitored in person and by surveillance camera and the train stations often enjoyable to browse on their own.

Travelling by car across the border (from Germany) to the Czech Republic has been described by some (me included) as completely unenjoyable: the roads are not modern, the trucks are slow, and on arriving: hard to find parking.

I live six months of the year in Europe and have a car but prefer not use it for the above reasons.

Good Luck. Explore these options on the internet and ask questions in fora like these.What's the best way for a family to travel in Europe - by rail or rental car? We only have two weeks.?
Thank you for the prize (BEAMING)!

If you do decide to drive and are tempted to put the pedal to the metal on the German Autobahn, should the authorities decide that your speed exceeded that which was ';sensible';, your fine may be decided by reviewing your yearly income.

Have a safe trip!

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What's the best way for a family to travel in Europe - by rail or rental car? We only have two weeks.?
For a family I would suggest to travel by car. It may be a little more expensive but you want have the problem of getting separated. My husband and I and our two friends and their two daughters all went on a train trip in Germany one weekend. We were supposed to get off at this one stop. The two girls were in a stroller and I went to the door to get off. As I was getting off with the girls the door starts to close (you can't open it once it starts to close) so I jumped off and the train took off with my husband and our friends. I had to wait for about an hour before they were able to get off at the next train stop and come back. The trains in Germany are really good but if you have to get off at a smaller town then they don't give you much time to get off. So for a family I would suggest traveling by car. Sixt rental is really good from my experience. I hope you enjoy your trip.
And do check wether it's the European holiday time when you're travelling. If it is, use the train and book your tickets well beforehand, otherwise you're caught on endless traffic jams!
Rail, unless they can learn to drive, the British way.
use a sensible combination of the two, but the most important thing is your itinerary. i spent three weeks in europe last summer with family. we rented a car when it required multiple stops in and around southern france, switzerland and italy and our interests were the things that were a bit off the beaten path. if you plan traveling to mostly cities definitely by train.

gasoline is rather expensive and parking is usually a huge nuisance in most large cities especially near tourist attractions. you will see less on the train in my opinion but have more opportunity to meet and talk with people. so it's a trade off. on the other hand if you are a true blue american and like having a car that works too but will probably require you to stay at bigger more american style hotels away from the central parts of the city.
If you are adventerous, by all means get a rental car. Many of the best vacations happen when you stop at quaint little villages and talk to the locals.

If you are only interested in sightseeing major metropolitan areas (i.e. Paris, Berlin, Milan, Rome,etc), and if you want to avoid the hassle of finding parking spaces and driving through the busiest streets in the world, the rail is a steal. You can buy a ticket for unlimited rail travel for a day, week, or month.
Either way is fine, but I think I would go by car. That way you are on your own schedule. Just know that the driving can be crazy, especially in Paris and throughout Italy. It's fun to drive on the German Autobahn, but it seems like everywhere I go lately there is construcion and that sucks and sometimes you end up just sitting there in a stau (traffic jam)
I would go with Rail or Airlines. The trains leave nearly constantly and are quick, but you can't beat the airlines for price and if you are looking to go over 500 miles.

I've done both and used:

Go to their sites and check out the rates, you'll see what amazing possibilites 2 weeks can offer you. I did Southern Spain, Rome, Dublin and London in the course of 8 days. It was a bit rushed, but saw everything big in every city with time for nice meals and nights out.
Europe may be bigger than you think. You can't ';do'; europe in two weeks. If you want to discover one country then a car is probably best. If you plan to hop from London to Paris to Berlin, to Rome then Vienna (exhausting) then train is probably best.
Compared to US, Europe is small. So so, even if trains are very quick more comfortable and much used than in the US, I tend to think thaht for a family a car is better because it allows to visit the countryside and little villages and not only the main cities.
I would definitely recommend flying in Europe, too. There are numerous extremely cheap airlines in Europe which connect all the major cities. It is far less time consuming than driving. You can visit many countries and you can always rent a car in the new country. I recommend,, Sometimes you can find tickets at Ryanair for less than 1 Euro plus tax. You can't beat that especially because fuel prices are about twice that of Stateside prices. My family lived in Germany for 4 years and did a lot of traveling all overy Europe.

Train or Rental car from Rochester, to Buffalo, to Brockport NY?

I don't know which to use for my trip to New York. I will be landing at the Greater Rochester Airport and will be going to see U of R, then SUNY Buffalo and then SUNY Brockport. Should I get a rental car and drive from location to location or would a train ride be best? (I don't even know if a train runs to any of these locations, I'm clueless, help!)Train or Rental car from Rochester, to Buffalo, to Brockport NY?
Driving would be best. While Amtrak does stop at Rochester and Buffalo, getting to the college campuses from the train station can be problematical. And Amtrak definitely does not stop at Brockport.

I lived in Buffalo for 4 years and could never find a good way to get to the SUNY Buffalo Amherst campus from the Amtrak train station in Depew (it requires transferring through three NFTA buses).

Get a rental car from the Ro-cha-cha airport and drive. It will be the easiest way.

Hope this helps.
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  • I'm planning to honeymoon in vegas- do we need a rental car?

    we'll be staying in a hotel on the strip for 2 nights and am wondering if we can just walk to nearby attractions?I'm planning to honeymoon in vegas- do we need a rental car?
    You can walk to anywhere on the strip, and if you want to go to the old casino district, catch the double decker bus that stops every block along the strip. I recommend checking out this area also. You can see the old neon signs along east freemont street. It is fabulous. And the worlds biggest tv screen - it is 4 blocks long and covers the entire street. It is amazing to see this area after dark. I was there in November. I absolutely Loved it.I'm planning to honeymoon in vegas- do we need a rental car?
    no need for a car, you can walk everywhere. if you are staying on the strip, you will be able to walk everywhere. i've been to vegas a couple times, and i just took a cab from the airport to the hotel, and then at the end of my trip took a cab back to the airport, but other than that we just walked everywhere. the strip is about 1 mile long i believe, so everything you do on there is in walking distance. and there is no reason to go off the strip because there is nothing else in vegas - everything is right on the strip.
    I would not waste your money by renting a car. Everything on the strip is within walking distance. The things that aren't such as Freemont street are on the bus route and it's totally safe to take the bus. My husband and I did it at night even and it's very well lit and cheap too. With the price of gas and everything I wouldn't bother with the rental car.
    You can walk, take a cab, or there used to be free bus service up and down the strip. I wouldn't rent a car if you need to save $. You can get from any airport to any hotel by bus or hotel transportation service, and then after that a car would be more trouble than it's worth.
    Actually we just got back at stayed at Harrah's...we got a shuttle back %26amp; forth from the hotel and also took the double decker ';Deuce'; bus daily up %26amp; down the strip ( some are far--ie: Rio (Buffet is FABULOUS) and downtown--it's only $5 a day!! Don't rent a car--you don't need it. :)

    P.S. Be sure to wear comfy shoes!
    you can walk mostly anywhere, check at the hotel you are staying at for suggestions for a day trip...and you can rent the car at the might want to consider a helicopter ride at night, its great
    You can walk just about anywhere. When you get tired, just grab a cab, they are all over the place down there. IF you rented a car, you probably would not be using it much to tell the truth.
    I believe you can it can be romantic. You and your husban holding hand and just watching the wonders of las vegas.
    mostly you can walk places or take a taxi

    Getting a rental car from the cruise port on Ft. Lauderdale.?

    I am coming off a cruise ship in Ft. Lauderdale, then I nned to rent a car to go to Miami. Any specifica suggestions on the best way to get a rental as close as possible to the cruise port?Getting a rental car from the cruise port on Ft. Lauderdale.?
    Hi Sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Getting a rental car from the cruise port on Ft. Lauderdale.?
    They are right to say Enterprise, because there are no rental places at the port. You could also catch a cab to the airport, its 5 minutes from the port, and all the rental places are at one desk area in the parking garage.
    Call Enterprise They will literally pick you up right there
    i recommend,being a florida native,hijackking a car,lol,just kidding,use enterprise,they'll pick you up!:)
    Enterprise, will pick you up. Can't beat that!

    Enjoy your cruise, and Miami.
    call the rent-a-car company, they will pick you up right from the port. You return them to the rental site, and either continue with your rental or return it while you are there. They will further assist you if need be.